A good wine is passion, it ignites emotions, warms hearts, gives smiles, elevates the soul, creates new friendships and consolidates long-standing ones.

A good glass of wine always puts everyone in agreement.

This line of wines is dedicated to the greatest footballer of all time, the player we all wanted in our favorite team, the opponent we never wanted to face, the champion who created magic on the pitch by attracting the eyes. of all, even before the game, because even the warm-up of the phenomena is a spectacle.

The true champion, as well as good wine, always unites everyone because class and passion go beyond football faith.

We hope that these wines will reach your heart and bring you magic, sharing and the love for simple things like the land they come from.

Live the emotions.
Viva El Diego. El mas grande de todos!

“If I were at a wedding, dressed in white and a balloon full of mud arrived, I would not hesitate to stop it from the chest”.
[Diego Armando Maradona]

Sannio Aglianico DOC

Deep and bright red color. Intense and enveloping bouquet evoking hints of red fruits and spices.
The taste is supported by vivid tannins and is prolonged in soft elegance.
It prefers dishes such as red meats, pasta, polenta with sauces.


Sannio rosso DOC

Intense red ones with violet reflections. The scent is delicate, fruity with hints of berries, currant and cherry, pleasant with a soft flavor.
It goes well with grilled meats and aged cheeses.
Excellent with the typical Vennerese Scarpella.


Sannio Fiano DOC

Beautiful yellow color with greenish reflections.
It has slight notes of toasted hazelnuts.
The hints of dried fruit elegantly blend with the floral ones giving life to a delicate and harmonious bouquet.
Excellent aperitif, it goes well with seafood and fish dishes.

Sannio Greco DOC

Unmistakable greenish yellow color. It enchants the palate with a very fruity, soft and at the same time elegant taste.
Intensely perceptible hints of apple, pear, peach and apricot.
It is recommended in combination with shellfish, grilled fish, poultry and cold dishes. It amazes as a refined aperitif.

Falanghina del Sannio DOC

The yellow color has barely perceptible shades of green.
The elegant bouquet leaves hints of exotic fruit.
The taste shows a presence of persistent vivacity and pleasant intensity.
Excellent combinations with shellfish, seafood and fish dishes.

Created by Marco Maci ®

Maradona 10 is a special wine created by Marco Maci®, an internationally renowned winemaker (winner of over 400 awards in the main international events) and a great friend of Diego.

No more “corked wine”

Thanks to the production process and the materials used, Maradona 10 wine will never taste like cork and will retain all its organoleptic properties over time.


No other wine in the world can use the Maradona brand.

It all began like this:

““When I drink your wines I feel the same emotion as when I score a goal”

– Diego Armando Maradona

Why a Maradona wine?

I met Diego in 1985, he immediately fascinated me, watching him on television, his strong charisma and great availability towards everyone.

It was immediately clear to me that his greatness would change many things, in the city that had immediately adopted him, Naples, but also in the history of football.

Diego was from another planet.

One with the ball, thanks to his incredible technique.

He seemed to understand his opponents and where the ball would go a second before everyone else.

A unique talent in the world.

And above all a LEADER. From immense humanity.

Diego, on his own, was able to take over the team and lead it to win.

With the same force he carried forward his ideals of him, against everything and everyone.

“Your wine enchants me!”

I had met him through mutual friends and, in a simple and natural way, our friendship had solidified more and more.

Both strong characted and passionate we were immediately in tune and with pleasure I often brought him a few boxes of wine that he loved to distribute to everyone.

I felt privileged to experience his great altruism and the natural desire he had to always help everyone, even if only with a word.

A heart of gold with a rare humanity that he has always maintained, despite his global success.

My work often took me around Italy, so I started organizing my trips following his.

I invited him to our cellar every time we met.

Always smiling, he joked about it: “I promise you that one day I will come to see you. Your wine enchants me!”

“You deserve the DIEZ number jersey!”

One day, suddenly and without warning, he really appeared.

He had arrived by surprise accompanied by his dear friend Angelo Brizzi, upsetting the cellar.

They were all crazy.

“There’s Diego !! There’s Diego !! ” I heard screams from co-workers.

The general emotion was palpable.

It was the first of countless times he came to us to rest and unplug from the pressure he was under every day.

He liked to drink well, I’ve never seen him exaggerate, quite the contrary.

He loved enjoying a couple of glasses of my special wine to the fullest, amidst a thousand stories, laughter and the view of the sea.

The love with my wines was immediate!

Diego loved strong emotions.

He tasted my more structured wines, commenting on all the notes he felt with his nose and taste.

I must say that he gradually became very competent.

He always praised my profession as a Winemaker which at the time in reality, although already “evolved”, was still being formed.
He urged me to devote myself more and more to what I loved to do and to bring out all my talent, as he had done starting from a small provincial pitch.

“When I drink your wines I feel the same emotion as when I score a goal. You deserve the DIEZ number jersey! ”.
What a thrill when he told me …

World Champion!

How many times did we talk about the production process that I approached in a maniacal way and about wine making techniques.

I showed him how I worked, he relaxed and actively participated in the vineyard as well.

Curious, intelligent and knowledgeable, it was a pleasure to spend time together.

If we have won many awards and recognitions in the world it is also thanks to him.

The following years (1986/1987) were a succession of incredible emotions for Diego and for those close to him like me, like Angelo and like all of Diego’s family: Claudia and little Dalma, who was born in 1987.

Napoli FC, thanks to Diego’s charisma and his background in the Italian league, had become a strong and competitive team.

Diego never had superstar attitudes, he loved the team, his teammates, the city and everything he represented.

Diego was one of them, a leader who loved to fight and devote himself to his people.

Seeing him return from Mexico as a world champion was a very strong emotion.

The hand of D10S

Diego had returned to HERO and had definitively become D10S.

He had scored the most controversial goal of all the World Championships played so far, with the famous “MANO DE DIOS”.

And he had scored what, to date, is considered the goal of the century, the best goal ever scored in the World Cup.

All in the same match, which had smoothed Argentina’s semifinal against Belgium (won with a brace from Diego) and the historic final against favorite Germany (won in the final 3-2 with Diego’s fantastic assist in Burruchaga).
What a match!

“This, Diego said while holding the World Cup, is also for all Neapolitans”

In that season Diego would then lead Napoli to win their first Scudetto and their first Coppa Italia, crowning a magical sporting period, driving a city completely crazy.

The idea of making the World Champion wine together was born on an evening in 1987.

“You have to take your wine all over the world. Yours has now become an art form … art in a glass. “

The answer came out spontaneously: “Let’s make it TOGETHER the wine of D10S!”



 Diego Armando Maradona


Marco Maci


WHO IS Marco Maci?

MARCO MACI is an internationally renowned WINEMAKER who, in over 30 years of activity,has elevated winemaking excellence in the world, , becoming an innovative point of reference for the community of lovers of “good drinking”.

His mission is to bring on every table a spectacular wine, created by….




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